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As moms we can struggle with trying to keep on top of everything. Before long we can feel overwhelmed, under–appreciated, and like we’re losing ourselves in the process.

Can you relate?

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Something I’ve Learned

Like many moms, I got frustrated trying to figure out what would help me to “take back control of my life” related to my identity and the demands of motherhood and homemaking.

What I’ve discovered is that overwhelm and frustration are really just symptoms to a deeper issue. Simply put, there’s a disconnect between our Christian faith and how we actually live.

For me, that life–changing moment came when I finally realized that I couldn’t fix anything—until I identified the real problem. I had to work on my relationship with God, take back control of my mind, and re–awaken passion in my life in that order. Surprisingly, once I focused more intentionally on these areas, then I began to see real breakthrough in all the practical areas of life and motherhood.

Today, I find great joy in helping moms experience breakthrough by embracing these same biblical principles for godly living.


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