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Hi there! I’m Sonya Rottman, wife and fellow mom who is passionate about helping moms thrive in motherhood and in life.

Here at Healthy Living Mom, I fully believe that transformation happens most when we apply both biblical and practical principles to our lives. That is why every product available in my shop has been intentionally created to encourage you and equip you with the tools you need for godly living—in the areas of faith, wellness, relationships and lifestyle.

My products are digital files (PDF or Video Courses) so they are delivered immediately to your email inbox for instant download after purchase.

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Printable Journals

Whether you need some help starting to study the Bible a little more or if you’d love to simplify your scattered faith by fully integrating it into your day and week—there’s a printable journal for you! All of our journals feature a simple but beautiful design to help you deepen your relationship with God.

Bible Reading Plans

Whether your just getting started reading your Bible—we have a bible reading plan for you. Daily bible reading helps you to deepen your relationship with God by strengthening your daily bible reading habit and increasing your scripture comprehension. Get started with either a 30 Day, 6 Week or 6 Month Bible Reading Plan today!

Printable Planners

Why is it important to plan? Planning is not meant to put boundaries on our life—or to crush our creative spirits. It actually gives us more freedom! Planning creates consistency, rhythm, and security for our loved ones. It’s a gift that actually God himself modeled for us and likewise because we are created in His image—having a plan is one of the best gifts we can give to our family.

Printable Workbooks

Healthy Living Mom is committed to helping you thrive in life and motherhood. With all the challenges we face in life, there’s no easy way to just fix things with the snap of a finger. Sometimes it takes some real heart work—and action. That’s why each Healthy Living Mom workbook has been created very intentionally. To help you embrace biblical principles for godly living—so that life and motherhood are enjoyable again.