1 Quick On-the-Go Meal Strategy

When I was growing up, our schedules were insane. Quick, on-the-go meals that were healthy without busting your budget—well, it just wasn’t that easy.
When I was eleven, I was heavily involved with Odyssey of the Mind and Girl Scouts. My older sister was playing basketball while my older brother was playing football. All of us were in AWANA on Wednesday nights. Our week was super busy and healthy meals at home when all of us were together—was a hit and miss.
On top of it, my dad picked up some extra work refereeing basketball games to help our family make ends meet. My mom was in the thick of it and eating healthy on–the–go at that time just wasn’t cheap for the budget or easy to manage. She did what she could with what she had available.
The same is true today for busy families—it’s still stressful trying to strategize meal times let alone what you’re going to eat. Plus keeping on top of everything—where everyone is and what they need. To be honest, putting together a strategy for a healthy on–the–go meal is still a challenge. Agh!!!
How about you?
With the fall season upon us, do you feel like you’re trying to navigate a logistical nightmare?
It doesn’t have to be that way!
Today, we have a simple option to keep your busy family healthy while being on-the-go—and without busting your budget.
There’s no tricks here—only a proven strategy.

1 Quick On-the-Go Meal Strategy

What’s the secret that will make your busy family life healthier and more manageable? Smoothies with protein. Protein packs quite a healthy punch because it is an essential building block for your body. Protein boosts energy, wards off hunger—and promotes immunity health.
Remember ninth grade science class?
I’m thinking of a particular science lab where we used a bunsen burner to time how long it took to burn up different nuts. The amount of time directly correlated with how much energy each nut possessed.
Check out these protein smoothie benefits:
  1. Quick and easy to make. Great for on-the-go. Clean up is simple too!
  2. Keeps you full and energized for a longer time period.
  3. Promote immunity health and heart health.
  4. The cost per smoothie is around $3.00—a healthy choice at a great price point. (An extra value Quarter Pounder meal at McDonald’s is around $7.90 or a dollar menu meal with a double cheeseburger, fries, and a coke is $3.90. Starbucks Grande Caffe’ Latte and a Carrot Cake Muffin at $5.90.
You may choose the protein that works best for your family, but the best option that I have discovered is soy protein from Shaklee.

Concerned about soy?

Any time I mention the benefits of soy protein, inevitably at least one person has a bit of a hesitancy. If you’re concerned about soy, I want to assure you, that you don’t need to be. Here is a infographic from The Center for Nutritional Research to help put your mind at ease.
1 Quick On-the_Goal Meal Strategy | Center for Nutrition Research gives clarity to the debate on soy.
Photo Credit: Center for Nutrition Research

Why choose Shaklee protein and not something else for smoothies?

  • Non-GMO – For products to be labeled non-GMO they usually only have to have a supplier certification for raw materials. Shaklee goes beyond this and tests all finished products to confirm they do not contain GMOs.
  • Gluten free; tested and inspected to meet standards and threshold levels set by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Lactose free for those with sensitivities
  • Certified kosher by the Star–K kosher certification agency
  • Low glycemic; correlates to a slower rate of digestion and gradual release of glucose, contributing to better weight control and overall long–term health.
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors.
We used to buy a big bag of protein from Sam’s Club because it was cheaper. But, the protein had loads of sweeteners, preservatives, flavors, and added ingredients.
The results of paying less for protein? After a couple of hours, were hungry and sluggish and we needed another mid morning snack plus more caffeine to perk us up.

What you pay for is what you get.

Remember that science lab I mentioned above? The quicker the nut burned the less energy in the nut. The same is true with protein you buy. The longer your energy is sustained—you can be sure you have a quality product.
When we bought the big bag of protein, we paid less money for the protein. But in the end, we spent more money because we had to add snacks and extra caffeine to help us get through our mornings.

Great Morning Smoothies Lead to Great Days

If you’re anything like us, you’re trying to eat healthy, grab a quick breakfast, and spend your money wisely. Changing brands and switching up our breakfast strategy was one of the best decisions we made. Smoothies don’t have to be boring either!
In case you wondered…Yes, smoothies can be hot too!
Simply heat your milk separately then add other ingredients. Or enjoy cold by blending with ice. Personally, I think that there’s just something about hot fall drinks on a cool fall day…yum!
To help you get started, I’ll be sharing a handful of fall smoothies for the pumpkin spice lovers, coffee drinkers, and hot chocolate fans in my post: 14 Healthy Fall Smoothies for the Busy Family.
By adding smoothies to your meal plan, you can remove some stress financially and logistically.
I promise. Great mornings lead to great days!
1 quick on-the-go meal strategy that keeps your family healthy without busting your budget!

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