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Healthy Living Starts With Why

My husband has a sweet tooth and a great love for food. I’d have moments where I’d feel like he was making progress overcoming sugar, only to find a package of Twizzlers stashed away in the console of his truck. Upon discovering it, I’d simply look at him with, a look of, why? He would just sheepishly grin and say, “What?”

Then it happened. My husband had two routine check–ups a week a part from one another. One with the eye doctor and one with the dentist. Both visits revealed that my husband had high blood pressure. Not just a little high—like A LOT high. Like near the call–the–ambulance–he–is–close–to–having–a–stroke–high!!

Unhealthy living is killing you—but it’s not compelling enough for you to make any real lasting changes. Why?

Healthy Living SimplifiedYou want to live healthy, and you know you'll be better for it. But, what do you lose if you don't? Healthy living will be simple, if you start with why.

The problem isn’t that you don’t know how to live healthy. If I asked you, what do you do to live healthy, you would have an answer. Everyone knows what you do to live healthy—and how to do it. But it feels like it’s just impossible. However, the way you choose to live won’t just eventually kill you. It WILL KILL YOU.

But—you already knew that.

So, why does it often take events like what my husband experienced for real change to happen?

It’s simple. Suddenly when you are faced with a reality like that—healthy living is simplified. In that moment—making the choice to live healthier is directly connected to your heart. You make up your mind and you do it. You eat what is healthy and you exercise daily. The life you used to live is no longer a temptation.

The Fear of Loss

What’s the real reason why my husband started to take control of his diet and exercise? He was afraid of what would happen to my son and I. Clearly he saw that his choices today affect his future and our future. My husband wants to live a happy, healthy, long life with me. wants to watch our son grow up, graduate, get a fulfilling job, and get married. His why isn’t to lose weight or feel better—it’s about relationship and what drives it is the fear of losing those relationships.

The real motivator for making healthy changes is a fear of loss. It’s not about losing weight or feeling better. These can be motivational but as Zig Ziglar so eloquently put it years ago, “The fear of loss is greater than the desire of gain.”


“The fear of loss is greater than the desire of gain.” —Zig Ziglar


Healthy Living: Start With Why

When you connect your why, to your heart, it’s when change really happens. Your habits change because you’ve changed your mind. It’s not temporary, but transformational.

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Healthy Living Starts With Why 1

The phrase Start With Why is best recognized in the business world. In 2009, it was made popular by Simon Sinek after he gave his first TED talk describing his WHY philosophy. Since then, his TED talk has become the third most watched video. He went on to author the global best seller, Start With Why.

Healthy Living Starts With Why 2Even though the Start With Why concept is specifically framed for the workplace, I believe that answering the question of why, has deeper application for all of us. In fact, in a recent video, Sinek reveals that his concept of Why actually came about because of a loving response from a concerned friend.

Change Your Why Change Your Life

My husband’s family has a history of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, but that didn’t change his mind. In the past he would often mention, “I should be eating healthier and exercising.” He knew his choices could ultimately lead to these diagnosis and potentially untimely death, but it didn’t motivate him. His why changed, when he began to fear what life would look like for us. I would lose my husband and our son would lose his dad. It was the fear of loss—for us because of his choices. When his Why aligned with his heart—his habits changed.

Maybe you’ve felt like my husband. Is the same true for you? You know your eating habits and lack of exercise are not healthy—but you feel like nothing will ever change. If so, let me ask you this—what if something happened to you today that would cause debilitation or even death. What would you lose? Herein lies the heart answer—your why. This is where transformation begins and healthy living starts.

What is the real reason you want to start living healthier? Take some time to think more about your why. Write it down. Start thinking through what you want to do then put together a plan how you’re going to make it happen. You don’t have to have it all figured out—but just take one step today. You got this! Please don’t wait until something happens to you to change your why—waiting may prove to be too late.

Is healthy living really that simple?

Yes! It just means starting with the right why and you can start to make changes today! I know you will be successful. We are finding success and so have many others. If we can do it—you can do it. Healthy living is a day to day journey—with each day, new beginnings.

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You want to live healthy, and you know you'll be better for it. But, what do you lose if you don't? Healthy living will be simple, if you start with why.

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