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7 Secrets That Reveal the Most Beautiful You

Tomboy Throwback“I can’t wear that look—but you can!” Women keep giving me this compliment. To be honest, I am no different. I too face the same feelings of intimidation by clothing, make–up, and hairstyles. Ladies, I’m proof. You can wear that look and I’ve learned a few secrets that will help. Let’s get started in revealing the most beautiful you!
I was a tomboy growing up—yes that’s me in the picture. The girl who played baseball with the boys. I was that girl who dreaded wearing dresses. I was so comfortable in my jeans, but inside I longed to be something so much more. I longed to be beautiful. Little did I know at that time. It took me awhile, but I finally learned the truth:  I can’t BE beautiful. I am beautiful. I just needed to believe it. It’s the same for all us. The woman in you needs to be encouraged, developed, and expressed.

You Are Beauty

Remember what Dove did a few years ago? Dove has embraced woman as beauty! Notice I didn’t say beautiful. Believe me when I say this, you are beauty and you must tell yourself this because—you’re more beautiful than you think! I absolutely love this video and could watch it over and over! (3:00)

This video is so powerful. It helps us all to realize—we’re not alone. Today, I can honestly say that the me who questioned my own beauty is long gone.

So what does that look like? It’s healthy living the way it’s supposed to be. It’s not only the physical but it includes personal development that is spiritual, emotionally, and like the video reinforces—it’s by renewing your mind. I mention renewing the mind a lot on this blog, because it is the gateway to what we think—and what we think plays out in what we do. You can read more in my posts tagged positive thinking. I am embracing the journey that is revealing I am Beauty. It’s become an awesome adventure! Here are 7 Secrets that have helped to make me feel and look younger—revealing the most beautiful me.

7 Secrets That Reveal the Most Beautiful You

1. Use God’s Word as your mirror. The Bible clearly tells me, I am created in the image of God and that when He created me He said, it is very good. A part of me discovering who I am is learning by what He tells me through the Bible, through prayer, and through other Christians.

2. Get verbal! Yes, you read that right! I have to verbally—that’s out loud—tell myself that I am beauty. This is that renewing your mind component. It’s amazing that in years past I used to just tell myself in my thoughts and I thought that was good enough. I’ve come to learn that in order to fully receive that truth and reject the lies that I’m not desirable I have to look myself in the mirror and tell myself out loud, “I am beautiful”. It’s so incredibly powerful.

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 3. Identify things that make you feel beautiful. This exercise helps me to continually receive the truth. For me it’s usually not something dramatic, but simple things. These simple things are a way that I am accepting that I am beauty. I like to wear a sparkly bracelet, buy a t–shirt with a more feminine touch like sequins or a ruffle on the sleeve. Want to feel a little more put together? Paint your fingernails, or give your hands a mini–spa! (Bonus Tip: Shaklee Enfuselle Spa is a luxurious ultra moisturizing shea butter cream).

“Okay, listen up single ladies!! Number 4 is a diamond in the rough for you!”

4. Get comfortable in your own skin. Okay, listen up single ladies!! Number 4 is a diamond in the rough for you! My husband reminds me that if I feel comfortable in my own skin then I look confident—and for a man—that is very attractive. Clothing choice does make an impression and it does enhance your natural beauty, but what he did not say “what you wear makes you attractive!” Conversely, confidence is a strength but you’re heart is still soft. It’s not about being in control or showing men you know how to get things done by yourself. Let them know you need them and honestly, ladies, we do need them. They need to feel and know that too. It was over 10 years ago that I read a book By Paula Rinehart: Strong Women, Soft Hearts ( Paperback )7 Secrets That Reveal the Most Beautiful You 1
It’s one of those books that really helps you to learn how to win the hearts of the men in your life simply by honoring and respecting them for who they are to you. (I read the version printed in 2000. She has an updated version, but I have not read it—yet!)
5. Put on beauty. Although clothes don’t make me attractive, Joel, my husband, has encouraged me to wear something that will make me feel beautiful. You know those times when you feel tempted to wear those loose feel good clothes—aka yoga pants—instead of that tailored shirt with dress pants? Yes, I’ve been there and done that too! We want comfort but we also know that the loose-fitting kinds of clothes don’t always make us feel beautiful. Joel’s encouragement has helped me to make that extra effort to wear that tailored shirt rather than the loose-fitting clothes. In the end I actually feel more beautiful.

Shaklee Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Kit

6. Love your body by caring for your body! This is an important one that I didn’t fully recognize the importance of it until just this past February. It was then that I decided—I needed to start treating myself with respect. What did I do? I implemented a facial skin care routine. After all my face is the first impression, right? After 30 days of using Shaklee’s Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Kit, I was more confident in my appearance. My skin was radiant and glowing and I felt great because I knew I was taking care of myself. That 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at night has become a mini spa experience where I spoil myself—because I am worth it. Another thing I like to do is to let someone else take care of my feet! I go get a pedicure. I spend money on myself! Usually, I take care of my own feet, but I learned from my good friend Heather that getting a pedicure is telling yourself, “You’re worth it!”.
7. Surround yourself with the right people. I befriend lots of people—because I love people! However, it wasn’t until recently that I finally saw that I need some awesome friends in my life. Friends who are positive, who pursue me, encourage me, and are willing to hold me accountable—those are the friends I need. It’s sometimes hard to discern who could be an awesome friend, but I’ve found great comfort as I’ve prayed that God would “bring the right people into my life and to keep the wrong people far from me.”
These are just a few ways that I’m accepting the truth that I am beautiful and I’m enjoying how these secrets are truly revealing the most beautiful woman in me one day at a time. You are beautiful. Believing this wholeheartedly is a key to really living healthy. Taking care of yourself improves your relationships and your outlook on life. How will you start revealing The Beautiful You today?
For years I longed to be beautiful. I would often compare myself to other women who looked put together, attractive, and confident. What was their secret? My journey of beauty isn't one that's just for me—I know I'm not alone. I've discovered 7 Secrets That Reveal the Most Beautiful You. I can't keep these tips to myself!

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