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The 1 Thing You Need—To Be The Best You

What Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up (1:11)

Video Credit: Sagebrush Community Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

How about you? Remember when you were little, when everyone asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At that time in your life, I’m pretty confidant that your answer wasn’t, “I want to be average” or “I want to live a mundane life.” When you were little, just like these kids, you had a dream and it was to be The Best You.

Current Day: I Had a Dream?

Fast forward to today—ever find yourself saying any one of these things?
  1. You can wear anything and look so good. I just don’t have the right personality.
  2. My family is struggling financially and I want to do something—anything but…fill in the blank. The market is flooded, people are tired of people trying to sell something, and who would buy something from me anyway?
  3. I could never run a 5K—I don’t even remember the last time that I ran.
  4. I’m just a stay at home mom so I live in the mundane. You know—the same old stuff—fold clothes, wash dishes, change diapers, and then do it all over again the next day.
  5. I wish I just liked fruits and vegetables. I can’t even imagine loving them.
Most people can probably relate to at least one of these because it seems to be pretty normal, right? What is being said is, “This is the way that I am and I wish it wasn’t this way, but it’s the way that it is.”
Essentially when you say stuff like this, you are telling yourself—this is Your Best You.
The problem—it’s not The Best You. But, each example above actually reveals what you really know to be The Best You!
Number one says it’s someone who exercises. Number 2 is eating healthy. Number 3 is looking young and beautiful. Number 4 is loving what you do in life. While number 5 is being financially stable. What is the key to unlocking that best you?

The 1 Thing You Need—To Be The Best You

Did you know that what you say and do is a reinforcement of and an indication of your own self–talk? Even Mayo Clinic , US News and World Report , and NPR have stated the physical, emotional, and psychological affects of self talk.

The 1 thing you need—to be The Best You?

It’s really simple.

It all starts with holding those negative thoughts captive—then rewiring your mind with positive biblical self talk. Replacing that negative self talk, and negative self perception.

I’m Doing Great!

When you think about a healthy lifestyle, you might immediately have an idea in your mind. If you do...these things...you'll be The Best You. What if I told you that there's 1 Thing You Need to be The Best You and it's not fitness and eating right?

How many times has someone asked you how you’re doing and you simply answer, “I’m doing great”?
The problem is, that even though you tell others you’re doing great and you think you’re great, it can actually be somewhat tricky to see how you’re “really doing” truthfully.
For me, I didn’t actually realize how much of my thoughts were being taken up with so much negative self talk.
I honestly thought that I was pretty positive and others would reinforce this as well. It was only when I started to fill my mind with positive self talk, that I began to see the whole truth.
The negative started to get pushed out by the positive and I started to see clearly. I started to experience The Best Me and I started to really love my life.

Ways to Grow in Biblical Self Talk

There are many ways to help you replace that negative self talk with the positive. For me, I do several things.
  • 1. I listen to music that has inspiring or encouraging lyrics.
  • 2. I read encouraging blogs and books.
  • 3. I listen to podcasts that encourage me to be a better me.
  • 4. I always start my day with a two chair session. As a Christian, this has been essential in my relationship with Christ. If you are not a Christian, a two chair session can still be helpful for a jump start to your day. To learn more about “2 Chairs and the Secret That Changes Everything” visit www.2chairsbook.com
  • 5. Every day I read a self talk card. I read it in the morning before I start my day and every night before I go to bed. When I first started this, I could tell a difference in my thinking almost immediately. I created a special Healthy Living Mom set of Biblical Self Talk Cards in partnership with Ziglar, Inc. You can get those by clicking on the link for your free copy!

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