3 Easy Steps to Simplify Life That’ll Turn You Into a Great Mom

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to simplify life? I mean, it doesn’t matter what mom tips, tricks, or hacks I’ve tried in the past—none of them ever really seemed to work.

And I’m guessing you’ve experienced this too.

You’ve tried just about everything and at first it feels like it might be working. But after awhile, your life as a mom doesn’t really get any simpler. In fact it ends up feeling like just the opposite.

But since you’re reading this, I know that you have hope.

There’s got to be an easy simple way to do life better as a mom.

And you know what—there is. But the problem is…

You’ve been looking for how to simplify life everywhere else—when the secret is actually something that you have—and you’ve had all along.

And when I tell you exactly what it it is—you’ll be tempted to just brush it off.

So, please don’t miss the acres of diamonds that I’m about to share with you. I don’t want you to go through life any longer feeling overwhelmed.

You've tried all the mom hacks that promise to simplify life. It seems to work—for awhile. But it never lasts. Here's the secret you've been looking for to be a great mom. #simplifylife #howtobeagreatmom

I really wish someone would’ve shared with me, what I’m about to share with you. It would’ve totally saved me from years of frustration and discouragement.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money. You bought into solutions that promised to help make life simpler. But in the end it left you with a bunch of half–read books and outdated unused planners that sit in a pile in your basement.

So what is the easy way to simplify life?

The Easy Way to Simplify Your Life

To simplify your life, it’s really not being a Better Homes and Garden family that’s faster, efficient, minimalist, HGTV worthy, or REAL Simple—at all.

In order to truly simplify your life—you need to make things clear.

For the mom who feels overwhelmed with everything | As a mom, when you feel overwhelmed with everything—all you want to do is to fix it. But, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and defeated. You can move from overwhelmed with everything to clear and confident, by saying yes to what is best.

Make things clear?

This is where things typically go wrong.

You think to simplify life you just need to figure out HOW to do all the things better so you can be better as a mom.

And…just so you know…this is a common mistake the overwhelmed mom makes every day. I did it too.

So what does it mean to make things clear?

Here’s 3 easy steps in order, to make that happen.

Simplify Life in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Figure out your WHY

As a Christian, what do you think God wants for you and your family? Are there things that you think He is leading you to be or do?

When you and your husband decided you wanted to have a family, you had dreams. You may have even had another mom in your life that you looked up to and thought—I want to be like her when I become a mom.

So, now that you’re a mom, what happened to all those dreams?

Has the monotony of mom life overwhelmed you to a point where to be honest you just want to pull the covers up over your head?

This can all be summed up in one question:

What do you really want for your life and your family?

When you get clear about what drives you as a mom—your why—it re–energizes you. All those things you do have meaning and purpose that goes far beyond just maintaining your life.

With clarity of why we do what we do—then our focus shifts.

Instead of “the laundry needs to get done because we can’t have everyone walking around naked.”, we can look at things with gratitude and purpose.

“I’m so thankful we have clothes to wear and that I can teach my children responsibility—so that they will know how to care for themselves and also be grateful for the ways that God provides.”

Step 2: Be intentional with WHAT you do to make your WHY happen.

So building on what you think God wants for you and your family—and what you want for your family. What are you doing today to make sure that happens?

Not sure what that looks like?

Well, for us, one of our goals is to make sure our son recognizes that every person matters to God and so every person matters to us.

One way I do this is when we go to the grocery store—I always use the person’s name when I say thank you.

If they aren’t wearing a name tag, I ask them what their name is. Then I genuinely look them in the eyes and say, “Thank you so much for helping us today.”

If you’ve determined that your why is to raise your kids into godly, kind, generous, and responsible adults, then…

What are you doing today to model and teach that to your kids?

Step 3: Discover how you work best.

How you work best is made up of when you do things, how you actually do things, how you think about doing things, and outside influences.

WHEN: The time you choose to do something directly relates to your output—and this doesn’t even have to do with multi–tasking.

That’s a whole different topic I could get into!

For me, I write better first thing in the morning. If I try to write at night, my thoughts and writing is less clear. But I’ve found that I edit better in the afternoon.

HOW you do things: How you do things is actually the process that you take to do something—the method that you use.

You will always be refining the process you take to do things. And this is where people get stuck. They think that if they just figure out the process—then they would truly be able to simply their life.

HOW YOU THINK about doing things: Do you think of laundry as 1 task or as 4 tasks?

It makes a difference.

And, if you think of it as 4 tasks—you might actually be defeating yourself. Or it could be the other way around.

It’s really a matter of how you think about doing things influences how you feel. And how you feel determines what you do.

OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: There’s a lot that I could list here, but here are a few of them.
  • Are you hungry?
  • Are you angry about something?
  • Do you feel lonely?
  • Do you feel tired?
  • Are your kids or husband experiencing any of the symptoms above?
  • Is your home cluttered?
  • Do you wish your home felt more cozy?

(Mom tip: An easy way to check yourself on the first four is to remember the acronym HALT.)

All of these outside influences relate to how you think and how you feel. And if you missed what I just said, I’ll say it again.

What you think influences how you feel—and how feel determines WHAT you do. Also, if how you are feeling is a physical feeling—that too influences what you do and how you respond to others.

Simplify Life for True Peace and Lasting Change

In my journey of trying to simplify life, I had to learn that I was mixing up the steps. I skipped over step 1 and step 2 and jumped straight to step 3—how I did all the things.

And remember what I said earlier, most moms do this too. It’s a common mistake.

By God’s grace, I learned that the only way to really simplify your life is to start with these three steps in this order:

  1. Figure Out Your Why
  2. Be Intentional With What you do
  3. Discover How You Work Best

When you make time to simplify your life this way, you will experience what nothing else offers—true peace and lasting change.

Other Moms Will Want To Know Your Secret

I don’t know about you, but trying all the mom hacks, tips and methods for how to do things better—was exhausting. I was chasing things that promised to simplify my life and turn me into a great mom. In then end, I found myself slipping back into the way things were before.

Without a doubt, if you simplify your life this way, you will stop feeling the pressure to be perfect.

You’ll no longer strive for perfection and you’ll enjoy being a mom—the way it was meant to be. When you do this…other moms will notice and want to know your secret.

Trust me, they will ask you.

Does this easy way to simplify your life sound to good to be true? I mentioned several things, but what is one thing that got your attention? Did that surprise you?

Are you tired of trying all the mom tips and tricks life hacks that promise they'll show you how to be a great mom—but they don't end up really simplifying your life at all? Yeah, it's exhausting. I know, because I did it too. Then I discovered the secret—how to simplify life the easy way that really works. #simplifylife

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